LBS Learning By Simulation strongly believes in the use of simulations to familiarize individuals with complex matter in a short time.


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2 July 2020 – Shooting day

Today LBS had a shooting day for videos to be used in our new on-line version of the Drug Discovery Simulation. Two professors from the Free University came to explain topics like Target Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry. In addition, we had the assistance of a well experienced Regulatory Affairs expert who discussed the ins-and-outs of a Target Product Profile.

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13 June 2020 – LBS participates in VU Amsterdam curriculum

As we did during the past three years, LBS will give a course on drug discovery within the curriculum for chemistry, biology and medicine students at the Free University of Amsterdam. The previous courses were a big success and was very much appreciated by the students. This year will be a challenge as LBS will, because of the COVID-19 crisis, give the course in the new on-line format. We are confident that the standard and success of this new format will remain... read more

13 June 2020 – On-line versions of LBS courses

Learning By Simulation is currently putting all of her resources on re-writing our courses into on-line versions. These on-line versions will maintain the high standards and high interactivity with the participants.The participants will still be working in teams and team building and respecting different disciplines within a pharmaceutical company will remain a major focus, also in our on-line courses. Direct interaction with the team and between participants and course leaders or subject matter experts will be incorporated in theses courses. Learning By Simulation is happy to inform you that we will be able to run the Drug Discovery Simulation as of September. The Drug Development Simulation will be available as of October. If you are interested in following one of courses, please contact us by e-mail at... read more

In our simulations we apply a unique condensed method of training that allows you to gain insight in the overall working process of your organization. You will operate in a team setting to make strategic choices, to be decisive and to improvize. You will learn to speak the language of your colleagues and to respect other disciplines.

LBS offers participants the opportunity to experience this very intensive method of learning in order to better understand their professional environment.

The past decade, LBS designed and conducted a number of specific simulations for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, LBS is also your partner in developing simulations for your specific organization.

“Stimulating course set up, experienced & knowledgeable course leader, enthusiastic group counselor, real life simulation that matters Overall, a positive experience.”

“Absolutely will recommend for key colleagues that desire to experience team decision making, “live/ die by decisions”. Excellent opportunity to experience Discovery target life cycle from TIDV to PCC.”

“This course aided with “true” understanding of each functional area input into drug development. The simulation was a very effective tool to really drive home these points.”

“Being aware of other functions and how they impact my contributions. Being aware of the drug development process will help me anticipate next steps.”

“I am able to better support my department’s customers since I understand their process and needs more.”

“The course was an incredible learning experience because of its immersive and practical approach. For me, it was far more effective than lecture based courses.”

“Course provides an excellent overview of drug development and also allows you to stretch and grow as an individual.”


“Not least, this course demonstrates the importance of a team in the development process since the overlapping expertise of the participants is key to successfully navigating the process.”

“This is a very useful simulation course that mimics real situations. “

“I have never taken a course before when I went back to the office and immediately implemented the knowledge I learnt!”

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