LBS Learning By Simulation strongly believes in the use of simulations to familiarize individuals with complex matter in a short time.


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24 September 2020 – In-life Drug Development Simulation planned!

LBS is happy to say, that we have decided to have an in-life Drug Development Simulation 7-9 December 2020 in The Netherlands. The location is De Ruwenberg, Sint Michielsgestel. Because of all the COVID restrictions, we have worked  with De Ruwenberg to be able to organize this event in a COVID-safe setting. Interested? Please send us an e-mail on... read more

24 September 2020 – On-line Drug Discovery Simulation trial is running

Since the start of September, LBS is running its on-line (COVID-proof) Drug Discovery Simulation. The course is being given to students of the Free University of Amsterdam with 4 teams of 5 participants. All meetings, team-work and discussions are being performed on the communication platform that we have in place (Slack + OneDrive). The first impression is that the interactions with the students via this platform works really well and we are receiving good reviews from these students. Interested? Please contact us via... read more

2 July 2020 – Shooting day

Today LBS had a shooting day for videos to be used in our new on-line version of the Drug Discovery Simulation. Two professors from the Free University came to explain topics like Target Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry. In addition, we had the assistance of a well experienced Regulatory Affairs expert who discussed the ins-and-outs of a Target Product Profile.

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In our simulations we apply a unique condensed method of training that allows you to gain insight in the overall working process of your organization. You will operate in a team setting to make strategic choices, to be decisive and to improvize. You will learn to speak the language of your colleagues and to respect other disciplines.

LBS offers participants the opportunity to experience this very intensive method of learning in order to better understand their professional environment.

The past decade, LBS designed and conducted a number of specific simulations for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, LBS is also your partner in developing simulations for your specific organization.

“Would recommend this course to anyone who has less than 3 years of the drug development experiences.”

“Very intense course, high learning efficiency.”

“Most fruitful course I have ever attended.”

“This is the most valuable training I have attended. I really gained a wealth of knowledge about what goes on for a drug discovery team.”

“This is the best hands-on class for a scientist or a manager to know the full scope of drug discovery process, intricacy, collaboration, and coordination. It motivates people to know by doing, in this case a simulation.”

“Stimulating course set up, experienced & knowledgeable course leader, enthusiastic group counselor, real life simulation that matters Overall, a positive experience.”

“Absolutely will recommend for key colleagues that desire to experience team decision making, “live/ die by decisions”. Excellent opportunity to experience Discovery target life cycle from TIDV to PCC.”

“This course aided with “true” understanding of each functional area input into drug development. The simulation was a very effective tool to really drive home these points.”

“Being aware of other functions and how they impact my contributions. Being aware of the drug development process will help me anticipate next steps.”

“I am able to better support my department’s customers since I understand their process and needs more.”

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