Our courses simulate the complex processes by providing a cross-functional, virtual reality environment that allows participants to experience all aspects of the process. Participants will experience unexpected events, opportunities, and dilemmas throughout these simulated process courses.
The goal is to provide participants with the skills to manage daily work experiences and to make better decisions.

LBS Learning By Simulation can provide you with the following courses:

The simulation starts with detailed pharmacological and chemical information on several preclinical candidates. The teams select one of these to start the development process. The simulation runs through the preclinical and clinical phases of development until dossier submission to the authorities.

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The Drug Development Simulation is also available as an on-line version, with 7 blocks of 4 hours and 1 block of 2 hours.
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The simulation starts with the identification of (novel) biological targets and runs through the target validation process via assay development and screening to identify hits amenable for optimization to leads. Full blown lead optimization results in the proposal of one or more preclinical candidates to the management board.

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The Drug Discovery Simulation is also available as an on-line version, with 6 blocks of 4 hours and 1 block of 2 hours.
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The simulation starts at the stage of target identification and ends with the presentation of clinical Phase I/II results to the managerial board. In three days a biological drug candidate will be selected, a production process developed and a clinical trial program executed. In a multidisciplinary approach, an effective and safe novel biological will be developed for patients with an unmet medical need in the area of oncology.

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CMS 300x55
(Dutch course)
Doel van deze simulatie is om de deelnemers (18 verdeeld over 3 groepen) komende uit de verschillende partner organisaties (jeugdbescherming, GGD, reclassering, woningbouw, verslavingszorg etc.) binnen het veiligheidshuis/sociale wijkteams te laten oefenen met de rol en invulling van de functie casemanager. Verduidelijking van het bereik van de casemanager in wisselwerking met de overview rol van de procesregisseur, de bijbehorende functionaliteiten en verantwoordelijkheden vormen een belangrijk onderdeel van het programma.

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