Drug Discovery Simulation – On-line version


The overall objective of the simulation is for participants to gain understanding of what is needed in the complex drug discovery process. More specifically:

  • To understand the drug discovery process and the role of disciplines within the process.
  • To experience the interfaces and interactions between the different disciplines.
  • To learn about results of actions and decisions to be taken at crucial points in the process.
  • To learn to react on deviations and risks in the drug discovery environment.


The simulation starts with the identification of (novel) biological targets and runs through the target validation process via assay development and screening to identify hits amenable for optimization to leads. Full blown lead optimization results in the proposal of one or more preclinical candidates to the management board.



LBS is able to offer this course as an face-to-face, in-life course or as an on-line version, that you can take from home.


A unique condensed method of training that allows participants to gain insight in the overall working process of their organization.

The participants operate in a team setting to make strategic choices, to make decisions and to improvize. They learn to speak the language of their colleagues and to respect other disciplines.

A Brief Tentative Schedule


  • Access to the communication platform
  • Background on the Therapeutic Area
  • Explanation on the simulation

Block 1

Target selection

  • Target opportunities
  • Target selection
  • Target validation workflow

Block 2

Target validation

  • Target validation experiments
  • Assay development
  • High Throughput Screening


Block 3

Lead  identification

  • Scientific review meeting
  • Introduction hit to lead optimization
  • Hit optimization
  • Lead candidate proposal

Block 4

Target product profile

  • Target Product Profile
  • Scientific review meeting
  • Introduction lead optimization
  • Lead optimization flow chart

Block 5

Molecular Design and Informatics

  • Scientific review meeting
  • Molecular design and informatics
  • Lead optimization plan

Block 6

Lead optimization and preclinical candidate selection

  • Lead optimization
  • Preclinical candidate proposals

Block 7

Preclinical candidate selection meeting

  • Preclinical candidate¬†selection meeting
  • Final evaluation
  • Wrap up