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24 September 2020 – On-line Drug Discovery Simulation trial is running

Since the start of September, LBS is running its on-line (COVID-proof) Drug Discovery Simulation. The course is being given to students of the Free University of Amsterdam with 4 teams of 5 participants. All meetings, team-work and discussions are being performed on the communication platform that we have in place (Slack + OneDrive). The first impression is that the interactions with the students via this platform works really well and we are receiving good reviews from these students.
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2 July 2020 – On-line version of Drug Discovery Simulation is available

LBS is proud to announce that it will be able to offer you the Drug Discovery Simulation in an on-line (COVID-proof) format. As of August 2020 we will be able to run this course. Individuals can subscribe to this course, but also multiple people from one company. As soon as we have 6 participants, we can run this course. The duration will be 6 weeks, with blocks of on-line interactions of 4 hour each week. Teams will get assignments that they can work on as a team in between the collective blocks. Experts will be on-line to support the teams with their assignments or to discuss questions the team might have.

If you have any questions on the costs or details and availability of this course, please contact us via e-mail:


2 July 2020 – Shooting day

Today LBS had a shooting day for videos to be used in our new on-line version of the Drug Discovery Simulation. Two professors from the Free University came to explain topics like Target Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry. In addition, we had the assistance of a well experienced Regulatory Affairs expert who discussed the ins-and-outs of a Target Product Profile. Also the CEO of LBS as well as the CEO of our virtual pharmaceutical company, Fellow Pharma, taped their welcome message.
LBS would like to thank all the presenters and the technicians for spending their time and efforts to obtain high quality videos.

13 June 2020 – LBS participates in VU Amsterdam curriculum

As we did during the past three years, LBS will give a course on drug discovery within the curriculum for chemistry, biology and medicine students at the Free University of Amsterdam. The previous courses were a big success and was very much appreciated by the students.
This year will be a challenge as LBS will, because of the COVID-19 crisis, give the course in the new on-line format. We are confident that the standard and success of this new format will remain high.

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