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LBS participates in curriculum VU Amsterdam

As we did in 2017, LBS will give a course on drug discovery within the curriculum for chemistry, biology and medicine students at the Free University of Amsterdam. The first course in 2017 was a big success and was very much appreciated by the students.

Pitch LBS at Pivot Park, Oss

On 22 February 2018, Leon Delbressine, CEO of LBS, will give a pitch in a network event at the Pivot Park, Oss, The Netherlands. The  aim of the event is to coordinate the training, education and development of young talent in the life sciences.

Report Workshop Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid (in Dutch)

Het was weer druk in Overalstad…de fictieve stad waar de deelnemers van de workshop van het CCV, Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid, een casus moesten gaan proberen op te lossen.

De samenwerking tussen de ZSM tafel en het Veiligheidshuis in de regio Oost Nederland is het uitgangspunt voor deze workshops geweest. 5x hebben op verschillende plekken in Oost Nederland medewerkers van de instellingen die vertegenwoordigd zijn in zowel het Veiligheidshuis als de deelnemers aan de ZSM tafel met elkaar ervaringen uitgewisseld en vooral op een andere manier kennisgemaakt met elkaar en elkaars werk.
In iedere workshop werd dat gedaan door middel van een simulatie met een fictieve casus als startpunt. LBS heeft deze workshops naar tevredenheid van de sponsor opgezet en begeleid. De workshops zijn gehouden in Zwolle, Arnhem, Deventer, Nijmegen en Apeldoorn in de periode tussen september 2016 en januari 2017.

Door het CCV zijn alle bijeenkomsten op een aantal punten geëvalueerd en met de belangrijkste uitkomsten zal er een vervolg gegeven worden aan de verdere verbetering in de samenwerking tussen VHH en ZSM tafels.
Voor LBS was het belangrijk om te weten wat de Net Promotor Score voor deze simulaties zou zijn. En de niet onverdienstelijke uitkomst is hieronder weergegeven

Respondenten antwoorden op een 0 t/m 10 puntschaal en werden volgens de NPS-EU methodiek als volgt gecategoriseerd:

  • Promoters: Respondenten die een score van 8, 9 of 10 gegeven hebben.
  • Passives (passief tevredenen): Respondenten die een score van 6 of 7 gegeven hebben.
  • Detractors (criticasters): Respondenten die een score van 0 tot 5 gegeven hebben

Net Promotor Score

De resultaten zijn per regio en als totaal gemiddelde hieronder weergegeven:

Regio Promoters Passives Detractors NPS-EU
IJSSELLAND 12 1 0 93
TWENTE 15 3 0 83
TOTAAL 65 30 1 67

An update on LBS most recent activities.

At the beginning of this year LBS has started to expand its activities in the real live simulation world to the Dutch safety communities and their partners in health care. These organizations are mainly focusing on so called families in multi problem situations where in complex environments people are in need of healthcare as well sometimes involved in criminal activities asking for law enforcement. Due to the presence of a wide variety of professionals families might get confused about their situation. Even for professionals the situation is not always clear. They are often unaware of each other’s interventions. Since these professionals only treat the problems in which they are specialized, no optimal integrated support is established. Furthermore, often there is a lack of coordination and mutual alignment of this support.
To make professionals aware of each other’s difficulties, restrictions in possibilities and to understand their professional language as well to raise respect for each other, LBS has developed a number of cases which all are located in the fictive city “Overalstad”. The sponsor CCV (Centre for Criminality and Vandalism) has invited 5 Safety Houses (VHH) and their partners of ZSM (dealing with high volume crime) of Oost Nederland to participate in the simulations as developed by LBS.
The success of the first two sessions (Zwolle and Arnhem) is a.o. reflected in the high net promotor score of 25 %, 9 was considered to be positive and 8 neutral, there were no lower notes given. Best practices and new possibilities to handle real live cases were popping up and will help the participants to raise their quality of work even further. The upcoming sessions are scheduled at Enschede, Nijmegen and Zutphen in Q4-2016 and Q1-2017.
In addition to the support for the region Oost Nederland LBS has also obtained an assignment to support the community of Oosterhout, nearby Breda. The preparation of the casus which will be offered to approximately 40 participants at once, on October 31-2016, is almost finalized and ready for use. Interesting is the request of the sponsors (MEEplus and SURPLUS) not only to organize the one day event but also to support the participants to realize their own proposals of new innovative approaches within their communities. A final session about the outcome hereof is scheduled for mid February 2017 and will be organized by LBS too.

In the first week of October LBS has offered its well known Drug Development Simulation. On the open subscription 17 participants reflected. It was again a very intensive course of three days struggling with a new Therapeutic Area (at least for the majority of participants). Nevertheless, the participants learned more about the complex process working together as a team on a Target Product Profile realization. All teams succeeded (for the first time during the last 15 years) based on their presentation at the combined FDA/EMA meeting to get approval and priority review for a new class of compounds. Great job and well done by all participants.
Despite the successful event LBS will work again on further improvements of the course content as well as on the course program, mainly based on the feedback we have received of our latest group of participants. For sure we will offer the course again in Q4-2017 for open subscription. So stay tuned and inform your colleagues.
As there is more and more a need to offer the simulations to a larger group of participants at the same time (needs expressed by a.o. students at the universities) and lowering the costs per participant in this way, as well to prevent being out of office for 3-4 days in a row (as expressed by a couple of Big Pharma companies) we have concrete plans to offer the simulations more blended as a CBT and as a in live event. The technical requirements to make it possible are in place now. A team of supporting experts of LBS will start soon with a critical review of all content and based on its outcome LBS will start to create a new script with adapted material consequently. Also here we will keep you informed so stay tuned.
More to come at the beginning of next year.

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