LBS Learning By Simulation strongly believes in the use of simulations to familiarize individuals with complex matter in a short time.



9 June 2021 – In-life courses

With the COVID restrictions being lifted slowly LBS is planning and looking forward to the return to in-life courses. Hoping that the current progress on vaccination is continued, we have already planned two in-life courses in Q4 of 2021.
As soon as we are able to have in-life meetings, we will plan open subscription courses. They will be planned provisionary for 2022.

Interested in our in-life courses? Please contact us via

9 June 2021 – On-line Versions of our simulations are in high demand

Due to the COVID crisis, LBS has been changed its tactics and has developed on-line versions of the Drug Discovery Simulation and the Drug Development Simulation. Up to this date, these on-line courses have been given to students of the Free University of Amsterdam, teams from Galapagos, JNJ and Ferring and every day additional requests are coming in. All meetings, team-work and discussions have been performed on the communication platform that we have in place (Slack + OneDrive or GoogleChat, GoogleMeet and GoogleDrive). We pride ourselves on team building in our courses and we are happy to say that even with the on-line courses, the team building is still be big factor.
Interested in an on-line course? Please contact us via

19 January 2021 – Open subscription on-line DDiS

While running a successful on-line version of the Drug Discovery Simulation in January and February, we have already received some applications for the next Drug Discovery Simulation.
The next on-line Drug Discovery Simulation will run from 22 February until 16 March 2021. This course will consist of 6 blocks of 4 hours and 1 of 2 hours.
When interested to attend this course, please contact us at

8 December 2020 – On-line courses are in demand!

We are happy to say that our new on-line versions of the Dug Discovery Simulation and Drug Development Simulation are weel received by a number of pharma companies. We have agreements for 2021 with Ferring, JNJ and Galapgos.

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