LBS Learning By Simulation strongly believes in the use of simulations to familiarize individuals with complex matter in a short time.



15 November 2021 – The calendar for 2022 is filling up quickly

We are very happy to see that our courses are receiving a lot of interest and, especially, the InCompany courses are starting to fill the 2022 calendar! Nevertheless, LBS is keeping an eye on the “Open Subscription” courses and we have reserved slots for these. The first of these “Open Subscription” courses, the Drug Discovery Simulation (21-23 February 2022) has only limited places left! If interested, please contact me on

12 October 2021 – Calendar 2022 has been updated

In 2022 we expect to be allowed to have our preferred in-life courses again. In addition, we are working hard on an updated Biologicals Development Simulation, which will be focussed on the oncology indication. We have planned two open subscription courses for this course. Of course we will be open for in-house courses in 2022.
Interested? Please contact us on

9 June 2021 – On-line Versions of our simulations are in high demand

Due to the COVID crisis, LBS has been changed its tactics and has developed on-line versions of the Drug Discovery Simulation and the Drug Development Simulation. Up to this date, these on-line courses have been given to students of the Free University of Amsterdam, teams from Galapagos, JNJ and Ferring and every day additional requests are coming in. All meetings, team-work and discussions have been performed on the communication platform that we have in place (Slack + OneDrive or GoogleChat, GoogleMeet and GoogleDrive). We pride ourselves on team building in our courses and we are happy to say that even with the on-line courses, the team building is still be big factor.
Interested in an on-line course? Please contact us via

19 January 2021 – Open subscription on-line DDiS

While running a successful on-line version of the Drug Discovery Simulation in January and February, we have already received some applications for the next Drug Discovery Simulation.
The next on-line Drug Discovery Simulation will run from 22 February until 16 March 2021. This course will consist of 6 blocks of 4 hours and 1 of 2 hours.
When interested to attend this course, please contact us at

Upcoming event

Biologicals Development Simulation In Life – Open Subscription
Oct 30 – Nov 1 all-day

Please enquire for the costs by sending an e-mail.
Since this is a try-out for a new set-up of the course (oncology therapies), only limited seats will be available.

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